Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Midweek Peek

I've been wanting to find a great visual to accompany our LOTW reading of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I found this great template at Hubbard's Cupboard 

I definitely have a quilter's mind. I pieced this one together, literally. I laughed when I realized the approach I had taken.
Rough Draft

Then I got in to scrapbooking mode and started layering......but it was missing a little something.

Final Draft is 12 by 12 pink scrapbook paper with hole punched orange circles. I printed the template on orange construction paper. I printed a second template on card stock, to cut out the tree parts and trace them on the correct coconut tree colors. Then I laminated the whole page and used double stick tape to adhere it to the pink scrapbook paper. I printed, cut, laminated and attached sticky back Velcro to each letter with the loop side on the background paper. Last, I took some fun foam sticker letters and spelled out Boom Boom. I can't wait to hang this where we do our weekly reading of CCBB. The additional letters are kept in a snack size ziplock bag.

Doodlebug and Munchkin make it all worthwhile.  Aren't they just precious???

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