Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Home for Good, Home for God

Home for Good, Home for God | Whole Heart Online:

I've heard of Sally Clarkson for a while and becoming more familiar with her work and Whole Heart Ministry. She has so many great resources. Anyone have a suggestion of where to start?

Here's an except of an article from her website that really captures the direction God is leading our family. The entire article can be found here.

HOME NURTURE: Shepherding your child’s spirit to long for God.
You create a Christ-centered atmosphere and environment in your home when you begin to integrate Christ and Scripture into every area of your family life; family devotionals, spiritual traditions, close relationships, or even how you decorate your home. It includes developing your child’s character, as well as being sure your own spiritual well is filled up. In a sense, home nurture is enriching the spiritual air that your children will breathe in your home. Books and resources to help you with Home Nurture are suggested in Home & Family, Christian Character, Mom’s Bookshelf, Dad’s Bookshelf, and Words & Music.
HOME DISCIPLESHIP: Shaping your child’s heart to live for God.
Home discipleship is the process of leading your child to follow and serve Christ as Lord. It is one thing to know the language and lifestyle of Christianity, but it is quite another to know Christ. Home discipleship is how you as a parent not only instruct your children about Christ, but model the life of Christ for them, and lead them into a relationship and daily walk with Him. You do that by studying Scripture together, reading and discussing inspiring and challenging Christian books, and getting involved in church and community ministry as a family. Books and resources to help you with Home Discipleship are suggested in Family Devotions, Bible Study, Christian History, Biblical Worldview, and Great Christians.
HOME EDUCATION: Strengthening your child’s mind to learn for God.
Home Education is the natural outgrowth of home discipleship. Your goal is not just an educated child, good SATs and college, or even a career and a good salary. Those may be fruits of your efforts, but your overriding goal should be to raise spiritually mature children who have both the will and the skill to learn, and the desire to keep learning. Your goal in home education, is to raise a well-rounded, spiritually-grounded, truth-founded Christian whose goal in life is to make a difference for the kingdom of God, whatever life path he or she chooses. Books and resources to help you with Home Education are suggested in Teaching Helps, Beginning Reading, Language Arts, Writing Arts, Living History, Read Aloud Books, Family Story Books, and Beautiful Books.

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