Friday, October 7, 2011

What Mom Learned

Highlights from this week:

What didn't work:
1. Pressuring myself to do everything perfectly when I'm going through an emotional time.
2.  Feeling guilty that everything wasn't ideal.

What did work:
3. Having fun one on one time with my wonderful son.
4. Leaning in and trusting God to get through this week.
5. Reaching out to others for prayers and encouragement
6. Not making every obligation, it would have only increased the feelings of being overwhelmed this week.

What makes all the hard work worth while:
7.  Being able to hug and look in to my children's eyes connecting with them through out the day.
8.  Reading the bible with my boys every morning, praying and listening to praise music during the day. --This one is a permanent advantage and a constant reminder of why God has placed me in this unfamiliar schooling journey.

Best Projects:
9. for M:  Crayons matching with scribbles.
For Mommy: Homemade ten commandment crafts.  When he's older he can make his own, right now, it lets my inner crafter out.

Worst Projects:
10.  for M:  Print outs
For Mommy:  Finding a place of peace with a different flow. My heart and our week were effected by the loss of a friend. Her funeral was Wednesday.

Rewards this week from homeschooling:
11.  Remembering how short life is in general and how grateful I am to get to see these two little guys faced during my day.
12. M named colors
13. M started pointing to objects and 'counting'. He would point and say random numbers. 
14. M asking me to read more bible stories (3rd week in a row)

Challenge of the week:
15. Pushing through to have a normal schedule when my heart was hurting.

Tip for the week:
16.  Let God have control of our week. The most important lessons in life aren't the academic ones.

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