Friday, October 14, 2011

Number 2

Munchkin did lots of 'counting' of things and pointing out 2's where ever we saw them on signs, in store, and screen time. One of the encouraging thing about this process is as a mom, it's opening my eyes to the lessons available in every day activities. There is a huge freedom, fun and growth available in every day teaching moments. 

Stamping during arts and crafts time

This water activity had so many learning opportunities. We used two buckets, with two of us doing things. We worked on sequencing, following directions and munchkin got to play and get wet, win-win :-)

Coloring extra commandment pages from last week. We also talked about how God told Noah to bring two of each of most of the animals in to the Ark.

Stencil rubbings

 Caterpillar number toy and racetrac numbers.

Educubes filled with Creation numbers and playing cards

Numbered feet for counting, order and recognition

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