Monday, October 24, 2011

Bible Resources

Twice a month we go all VBS on a story. I have changed the monthly focus from the beginning of the year Lessons Plans to correspond with our Church wide reading of "The Story" since we read from that book as a family and it's in chronological order.

We act it out in what ever way possible, finding coloring pages and age appropriate crafts. Daily we read  that week's bible story talk choosing from the many toddler versions of the Bible we have in our house.

Also daily I read and talk about a different promise from God,  character trait, a memory verse from these three books:

The "100 Ways to Know God Loves Me!" by Steve Elkins came with a CD of "100 Songs to Love Him Back" There are two other similar books on our wish list when we complete that book called "100 Devotions" and then "100 Bible Stories". Each comes with 2 CD's of 100 Bible Songs.

The "My ABC Bible Verses" by Susan Hunt has wonderful stories about children in a family relying on the Holy Spirit to guide their hearts and actions. 1+1+1=1's Raising Rock Stars has pocket chart visuals, posters and coloring pages to go along with each verse.

Other versions we read from:

These are my resources for a 23 month old:
Christian Preschool Printables,  Ministry-To-Children Lessons, Hubbard's Cupboards Activities, Danielle's Place BibleCalvary KidsLittle Blots of FaithRaising Rock Star Weekly Bible Lessons

We regularly tap in to the available VeggieTales resources of books and videos to support our learning about God's word and Godly living. (Two of these books just arrived in the last week in preparation of Munchkins second birthday coming up next month- "God Loves you Very Much" and "Larry Learns to Listen")  VeggieTales offer bible stories (For example, we watched Josh and the Big Wall via Netflix streaming last week to support our telling of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho Bible week.) as well as books like "Peas and Thank You" emphasize manners citing 1 Peter 2:17 "Show proper respect to everyone" 

This coming month we are going to start tapping in to Oriental Trading Company. They always have great crafts in sets of 12 or more. We are planning to share the extras with our kiddos from Small Group.

Once a month we add to our music we play during the day. Through out the year, we will be adding to our Seeds Family Worship series. We enjoyed their first CD so much, "Seeds of Courage" and are looking forward to adding "Seeds of Faith" next month. We also are adding the second Songs for Saplings- we have the first one. I've also heard great things about Hidden in my Heart: Scripture Lullabies, which has gone on our list.

Coloring page resources: A Kid's Heart, Bible HomeColoring PagesHomeword Now

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