Saturday, October 22, 2011

Letter E

Our education cube fun. We practiced elevating our arms and rolling the cube more.

Books we read:

Puzzles we solved:

Eggs we played with for our Sensory Bin. Countless lessons in play, sooo fun!

Arts & Crafts:

Our growing vocabulary book!! I slip this in my purse and it's not failed to interest him yet while we run errands.


Rather than play memory with these pieces. I put one capital letter to the side and give him three choices of a lower case letter. He points out the match.


Clip N Learn. I ask him to find the letter E on both the upper and lower case sides which he did.

Power magnet time:

That's an eagle he was flying around the living room earlier on his sheet.

Bonus arts & crafts Day on Friday. Munchkin had a fever, runny nose and cough so mommy didn't make Bible Study. I was a little surprised when he requested 'fun' aka school. I really was willing to let it go that we hadn't completed all the projects I had planned for the week. He already went in to this week knowing both his upper and lower case E. But who am I to deny fun??

Coloring his egg.

Kind of hard to tell, but we got out the window markers here:

Our regular finish up by adding our letter to our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree.

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