Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Mom Learned

Highlights from this week:

What didn't work:
1. Trying to push a learning activity instead of addressing  a behavior issue
2.  Feeling discouraged by the real life ' interruption' learning opportunity 

What did work:
3 Watching munchkin (here after how I'll refer to my first born) play in the backyard with his smock on
4. Leaning in and trusting God to get through this week. - always true
5. Having the break last week from LOTW so fresh ideas could come for this week. I really don't want to do the same thing 26 times unless it's munchkin's favorite.

What makes all the hard work worth while:
6.  Being able to hug and look in to my children's eyes connecting with them through out the day.
7.  Reading the bible with my boys every morning, praying and listening to praise music during the day. --This one is a permanent advantage and a constant reminder of why God has placed me in this unfamiliar schooling journey.

Best Projects:
8. for Munchkin:  Water play in the backyard
For Mommy: Getting the sensory bins geared more towards Munckin's current interests. 

Worst Projects:
9.  for Munckin: We are still working on transitioning between activities better. 
For Mommy: planning a birthday party, working on a quilt, dealing with a fussy baby after 4 month check up, teaching, laundry, errands, cooking, bible study homework, cleaning up, finally shipped off the give away, etc. I stayed in the feeling of  catch up. Naps did not sync up this week, I was tag teamed.

Rewards this week from homeschooling:
10.  Listening to Munckin name the book I was reading to him, "Peas and Thank you" - most words he's put together :-D
11. Munchkin eager for 'fun' aka learning.
12. Munckin asking me to read more bible stories (4th week in a row, a trend I really enjoy)

Challenge of the week:
13.  A sense of fatigue and discouragement this week

Tip for the week:
14. Finding fresh inspiration for toddler ideas off Pinterest gives me a feeling of more tools in  my treasure chest of teaching.

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