Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to School Unit 2011

Here is our calendar wall :-) I talk about these ideas every morning of the season, weather, month, day, daily scripture and schedule for the day. Our version of back to school included counting down to the days and talking about learning and supplies.

Calendar Area. Toys not included :-)

Beginning of the year projects. A Handprint Poem. Someone REALLY liked the smock and made flying noises running around in it afterwards


Beginning of the year door photo.

Part of our daily checklist includes calendar time, bible reading, memory verse, and doing an activity related to letters, number, counting, colors and shapes every day. I have come across many more ideas to vary these activities in the weeks to come.


 I asked M to put his foot on the letter J :-)

Bottle cap game with a printable from COAH and our fridge phonics.
Clip n Learn from COAH


Naming numbers with sidewalk chalk

Clip n Learn from COAH

Color: We pointed out the numbers on the ruler as well.
Education cube with WS

colored ruler, also great for numbers
window markers

dry erase board

Counting: We point things out in real life. Wednesday night at dinner, I was telling the husband about our learning day and he suggested playing hide and go seek and counting very loud. By the 4th time, M was trying to repeat our counting.

using our geoboard

Puzzle time:
School bus with numbers for sequencing

Patterning school objects.
School Supply worksheet from Kindergarten Crayons

Reading courtesy of Veggie Tales: We talked about time, a school day and how learning is fun :-)
Time for Tom
I can series with Laura Carrot

 I added the number zero I realized I hadn't accounted for in my yearly plans:

Poster. We'll add a number each week
as we learn them
Education cube with numbered feet from sparkle kidz.
He rolled the cube and then I asked him which foot matched.

 Pre-handwriting skills
bingo blotter with COAH ws

This time with pom poms. Same work sheet
just printed on colored construction paper

lacing cards from COAH

Sensory Bin using among other things a school supply list
 from our local  elementary

Books we read this week to help our concepts. The "Food", "Animals"
and "More Words" books were used for Vocabulary.

A few notes:
Education cubes are wonderful! I enjoy finding ways to incorporate them in to our learning process.
Confessions of a Homeschooler has awesome printables. We plan to use lots more in upcoming lessons.
I really need to declutter the playroom to minimize distractions
These lessons were taken over a three day period. - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week

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