Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Mom Learned

Highlights from this week:

What didn't work:
1. Physically keeping a checklist with me during teaching time
2.  Printables are keeping his attention less. We may start using those more sparingly.

What did work:
4. Finding labels to write our areas of work on the pocket charts
5. Labeling the separate tubs to put my materials for each subject
6. Making a day for each major area of learning approach. It's really helping me see what kind of learner he is.
7. Having a play date and making playgroup. Helps us all :-)

What makes all the hard work worth while:
8.  Matthew's vocabulary improving and getting to know more of my child's heart
9.  Reading the bible with my boys every morning, praying and listening to praise music during the day. --This one is a permanent advantage and a constant reminder of why God has placed me in this unfamiliar schooling journey.

Best Projects:
10. for M:  New shape and color sorter I picked up on a whim from our church's consignment sale for dirt cheap.  He cried because it was nap time after 15 minutes of playing with it.
For Mommy: He counted along with me. :-)))))) 

Worst Projects:
10.  for M: Those with similar texture. 
For Mommy:  Something about this morning. Maybe it was the 3rd night of interrupted short amounts of sleep or a week of daddy working late catching up with me. I'm really needing to pray to push through.

Rewards this week from homeschooling:
11.  He got the pattern activity when we did it with building toys in a longer string. He placed the right color next :-D
12. He's getting the concept of putting the letters on top of the bottle caps activity.
13. Feeling after 4 weeks of this that I can expand crafts and get more creative with sensory bin textures.
14. M asking me to read more bible stories (again this week, it's so great!)

Challenge of the week:
15. Daddy working longer hours at this new job.

Tip for the week:
16.  Organization for our day and with our materials gives me more time to focus on  ideas for future projects.

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