Friday, September 2, 2011


After looking through many planning resources, the planning and assessment pages from 1+1+1=1 worked best for me. I have started some initial assessments based on just playing, watching some DVD's and our test runs ( go to August on the side of this page and the drop down menu will display if you want to see the test runs) so I can go from here.

Here are my planning sheets so far. They will be added to as we find activities and exercises that are effective and cross off ideas as we find out that the boys either aren't ready for or doesn't help learn that information/ skill.  I'm not necessarily following what it says per day, but used this planning tool as a gathering of all materials, ideas and resources. There is one for alphabet, bible, lapbook unit studies, colors, numbers and shapes. I also just came across this post on Ingles 360 about teaching the alphabet based on whether your student is a visual, tactile, auditory, physical or multisensory learner. This will definitely add ideas to my planning sheets.



Lapbook Unit Studies



An initial assessment I preformed with M on primarily his upper case letters this morning. So August was in blue pen, and I'll use a different color with each check so I know when he reached the goal. I changed the headings to suit me as well.

I also placed an Amazon order this morning for the last of my priority one items to start next week, we are counting down to the start of our Tot school :-) 4 days!

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