Saturday, September 24, 2011

Letter B

Our Letter B bin starts out as a central location for all the supplies to expose M to that Letter for the week. It's one of the reasons I poured so much of my time researching Alphabet, Letter Vocabulary Ideas leading up to this month. We do school for 31 weeks, 26 of those are spent in part on working with  letters. At the end, it just has the fun stuff to play with for  a sensory bin.

Fridge Phonics:

Floor Mat letter:

Butterfly fun:

Education cube. I used 6 different inserts including lower and uppercase for Confessions of a Homeschooler  printables which goes along with all the butterfly exercises. I also used the sing language and exercise for letter b- Balance on one foot

Sensory Bin fun. His favorite things are the full page size upper and lower case letter I print. I laminate them and towards the end of the week I use a permanent marker and make "lanes". He has the best time running his cars over them. He has no idea he's doing a little pre-writing/ fine motor practice ;-) :


Our book fun:

 Stencil fun. Also made sure to use white paper with black crayons since those were our colors for the week:


A couple of our B foods for the week: Banana & blueberries

We also had some ball, balloon and bubble fun. My hands were too full to juggle a camera for those activities.

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