Saturday, September 24, 2011

Colors: Black & White

This was our first planned focus on colors. Each learning day we do something color related. It's part of our core 7 which I'll post about later with my most recent version of a lesson plan form. We have done color i-spy activities, crafts, art projects, flash cards and reading books up to this point.

Here is M in his reading chair with his "Touch and Feel Colors" book.

Sensory Bins for each:

I put out the white bin and went through those objects on Tuesday. I did black on Wednesday. I left them both out for him to play with for the rest of the week

LOTS of art this week!!

Field trip to H*bby L*bby to point out color groupings:

 Our Educubes. We did plain construction paper, because my little guy kept saying rectangle because that's the shape the color was in.

Digging in to the Craft box:

 Crafts with modeling clay, lacing and scrap ribbon

Sorting geo bands and yarn by color:

Bingo cards:


Yes, the bucket/ hat was so much fun and M looks forward to wearing the art smock each week. Our week of learning had an exciting moment today, M said white when I asked him what color daddy's shoes were!! We both worked hard (and had fun!) on colors. We will do more focus on the color black individually during an easy week coming up for us.  

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