Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Mom Learned

Highlights from this week:

What didn't work:
1. Not 'bothering' the hubby with my hsing challenges
2. Getting too academic focusing on a checklist
3. Not beginning the week fully prepared and organized

What did work:
4. Revising my lesson plan form a 3rd time
5. Getting more boxes for organization
6. Taking Wednesday morning to craft with no specific goal in mind then to have fun

What makes all the hard work worth while:
7. M exclaiming "a" to the lower case one this morning :-) He only could recognize the capital letter before that
8. Reading the bible with my boys every morning, praying and listening to praise music during the day

Best Projects:
9. for M:  sidewalk chalk & race car track numbers
For Mommy: finger painting with my son will be an experience I treasure in my heart for the rest of my life

Worst Projects:
10.  for M: too many flashcards
For Mommy: Trying to fit every alphabet activity I have ever read, seen or heard about in to one week

Rewards this week from homeschooling:
11.  M trying to repeat the word 'Proverbs' from our memory verse of the week
12. Finding the story of Abraham and Sarah in 6 different children's bible's we already had in the house.
13. Had time for a play date at our house
14. Knowing my husband is my partner in this journey to educate our children from home.

Challenges of the week:
14. Moments of feeling isolated in not being able to bounce ideas in person with another teacher. The blog world is great, I think it will help once we join a co-op.

Tip for the week:
15.  I freed up two bins to store the materials for each of the two themes for the week. All I have to do now is stock them at the beginning of the week. Pull one down and go :-)

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