Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Midweek Peek

Arts & Crafts Day is fun :-) M got a great nap afterwards, followed by playgroup time,  and baking bread and cookies with mommy.  Our full day ended with bubbles in the back yard and then daddy came home :-) D was in a great mood, laughing and giggling. Although mommy was only on 6 hours sleep in three hour increments, I was having too much fun today with my boys to slow down and realize I was tired. Now that I'm still it's starting to catch up with me ;-)

Markers, and crayons and blotters, oh my :-)

Our craft caddy was a wedding gift 7 years ago. It's P*mpered Chef's utensil caddy. It's the perfect height for crayons, markers and pain brushes, plus it has a built in lazy susan.

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