Friday, September 16, 2011

Letter A

I started the week a bit overzealous in my approach. I knew I wanted to test out many ideas I've seen, read and heard about regarding the alphabet. I now have a better idea which ones are age appropriate going forward with the alphabet. These are the activities that worked:

 A portion of what I laminated for the week:
Our Letter A sensory bin:

Tweaking our schedule pocket chart system. Still not happy with this one either. It will change again until I find one that depicts our checklist in a friendly way.

Our A scripture for the week. Repeated twice a day three times each:

Our A character trait. I broke it down in simpler words. It's a good reminder for mommy to have too

 Puzzle time:

I taped a stencil to the table under his page. So when he scribbled, the letter appeared. We also made the letter out of pencils.

Do a dot with pom poms - this time attached to magnets on the pom poms and using a cookie sheet underneath.

Lower case 'a' activities:

Build a letter:
I spy in a bottle

Fridge phonics


We started our Chika Chika boom boom tree :-) Our version is many layers of paper towel tubes held together with masking tape. Then I painted the trunk brown. I cut out some leaves from construction paper, laminated and super glued the leaves and pom poms for coconuts.

Exercise time:

 Clip n Learn:

Apple activities:

A foods Caramel apple. Almond paste. We also had an avocado on a different day. We will complete it with an American dinner of chicken pot pie tonight.

Scratch and color:

Window Markers:

A books we read this week:

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